Thursday, September 03, 2020

the ottawa small press book fair : home edition #17 : Peacock Press,

Peacock Press: We are a women-owned business. Through the books we publish and the stories we tell, we hope to fill the diversity gap in publishing while starting meaningful conversations around the need for more inclusive storytelling.

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Q: Tell me about your press. How long have you been publishing, and what got you started? 

Peacock Press was started in June 2019 with the aim of closing the diversity gap in publishing. Our aim is to offer a platform to unheard voices, especially those of People and Women of Colour, Indigenous and Black communities, LGBTQ+ people and those living with disabilities.

Q: How many times have you exhibited at the Ottawa small press fair? How do you find the experience? 

The first time we exhibited at the Ottawa Small Press Fair was last year. We met a lot of interesting people there.

Q: Would you have made something specific for this spring’s fair? Are you still doing that? How does the lack of fair this year effect how or what you might be producing? 

If the pandemic hadn’t hit us, we would be ready to showcase and sell our new book at the fair. Currently, the book is on pause but we hope to have it ready for next year’s fair.

Q: How are you, as a small publisher, approaching the myriad shut-downs? Is everything on hold, or are you pushing against the silences, whether in similar or alternate ways than you might have prior to the pandemic? How are you getting your publications out into the world?

With bookstores closed, and promotional and literary events cancelled, we have been constantly innovating and pivoting since the last few months. We are relying on word-of-mouth publicity for improving sales and using social media to promote our books like never before.

Q: Have you done anything in terms of online or virtual launches since the pandemic began? Have you attended or participated in others? How are you attempting to connect to the larger literary community? 

While we haven’t had any virtual launches since the pandemic began, we do host remote book readings, author meet-and-greet, and general checking in with our community.

Q: Has the pandemic forced you to rethink anything in terms of production? Are there supplies or printers you haven’t access to during these times that have forced a shift in what and how you produce? 

We aren’t going into production until the uncertainty has passed somewhat. Currently we are focusing on improving the sales of our book, Because I Can.

Q: What are your most recent publications? How might folk be able to order copies? 

The paperback version of our book of prose and poetry, Because I Can, is available for purchase on Amazon in Canada, US, UK, India and Australia.

We also sell both the paperback and ebook in Canada through our own online shop:

The ebook is available on Chapters Indigo too.

Q: What are you working on now? 

We are currently working on a full-colour, illustrated book for children written by an Indigenous author. There are a few other books in the pipeline, and we will be able to announce them early next year.

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