Tuesday, May 03, 2005

the return of jwcurry's 1cent

After a break of nearly two years, Ottawa poet and publisher jwcurry (through his Room 302 Books) has started producing 1cent publications again, his series of small handprinted and/or gestetnered publications sold for a penny. New publications include pieces by Max Middle, Nelson Ball and William Hawkins. Annual subscriptions to the 1cent series can be had for $10 ($15 for American destinations, and $20 for outside that), by writing jwcurry c/o his new address at Room 302 Books, #302-880 Somerset St West., Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6R7. What I’m really looking for is the appearance of a new newsnotes, his review / rant publication. It’s been quite a long time.

With piles of backlist of 1cent publications and other publications, including Industrial Sabotage and his newsnotes, I’m sure he would mail a catalog if you asked nicely. Small publications by bpNichol, Stuart Ross, jwcurry, Chris Turnbull, Richard Truhlar, Randall Brock, Steve McCaffery, Mark Laba, David Aylward, Marco Fraticelli, Peggy Lefler, Don Garner, david uu, Daniel f. Bradley, John Riddell, Steve Ross Smith, Shant Basmajian and hundreds of others. Check out the piece I wrote on the 1cent series in Open Letter (Little Literary Serials, guest edited by Stephen Cain; Eleventh Series, Number 6, Fall 2002).

Otherwise, I know he’s planning to participate in both the toronto small press fair on May 21st, and the ottawa small press book fair on June 18th. How can you say no to something that costs only a penny?

rob mclennan

Monday, May 02, 2005

ottawa poetry newsletter

with the 150th anniversary of The City of Ottawa, what better time to start a site for reviews, interviews & calls for submissions involving Ottawa writers & writing. the site will include various submissions from a range of correspondents on a number of topics. enjoy!

rob mclennan