Saturday, December 01, 2007

mother tongue books OPEN HOUSE and BIRTHDAY PARTY

mother tongue books OPEN HOUSE and BIRTHDAY PARTY,
Celebration of Ottawa women poets; Passed and Present.

Sunday, 2nd December, 2007: 2:00 p.m. ‘Til 6:00 p.m.

There will be short readings throughout the day; A Silent Auction; 50/50 draws every hour; a raffle and, lots of in-between time for shmoozing, celebrating, remembering poets ‘Passed’ and wishing mtb “a very HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY” and anything else that looks like fun for a passel of poets to be doing while we raise money for mother tongue Scholarships to send young African women to High School in Tanzania.

JC Sulzenko has agreed to start our celebrations off at 2:30 p.m.; reading SYLVIA PLATH and some of her own work. (JC has also agreed to sign copies of her own childrens’ book, “Boot Crazy”).

Below is a tentative list of readers;
JANE JORDAN, Sylvia Adams;
PAT LOWTHER, Barbara Myers;
DIANA BREBNER, Mary Trafford & LM Rochefort;
MARUEEN GLAUDE, Louise Mcdiarmid & Lois A. Wraight;
RUBY SPRIGGS, Michelle Desbarats & Laura Rayner;
CANDIS GRAHAM, Diana R. Windle;
ENID RUTLAND, Susan McMaster & Maureen Korp;

If anyone else would like to participate (this IS an all afternoon party): we welcome more readers; donations of cheese, crackers, cookies, wine, etc.; good used books for re-sale or items for our silent auction will also be appreciated. (among our Silent Auction Items; Project TEMBO African artifacts, we have a small PATRICIA KIRBY watercolour and, The Table Vegetarian Restaurant has given us $100 in Gift Certificates). We are still looking for some high-end item(s) for raffles.

In a village world where $720 will send a young woman to High School for 4 years, $1500 will train a school teacher. $150 will help establish a business and, a mere $10 will buy a chicken - every dollar raised will be put to good use. And, not to be crass, we will accept cash

If you have any ideas, donations, questions or, if you would like to schedule yourself to read; call mtb: 613+730-2346 or Lois: 613+722-6759