Friday, January 01, 2016

We Who Are About To Die : bruno neiva

bruno neiva is a text artist and poet. Author of Servant Drone (w/ Paul Hawkins), washing-up, averbaldraftsone&otherstories and dough, amongst other titles.

Some of his work is featured on The PO.EX Digital Archive of Portuguese Experimental Poetry and in a number of international mags and anthologies.

bruno’s ongoing projects include:

topoi: a collaboration with Canadian poet and artist Chris Turnbull that includes text, visual art and video production, as well as art installations;

The museum of boughs: an ongoing, itinerant museum dedicated to boughs, built on open-ended sets of intermedia installations;

Servant Drone, a collaborative poetry and performance project with poet Paul Hawkins.


Where are you now?
Porto, Portugal.

What are you reading?
Winter Journal, by Paul Auster
Monolingualism of the Other, Or, The Prosthesis of Origin, by Jacques Derrida

Also rereading these:
Contumacy, by Paul Hawkins
Multiple Bippies, by Colin Smith
Means, by Roger Farr.
1000 Proverbs, by SJ Fowler and Tom Jenks
Candid, by Chris Turnbull
The Nude Formalism, by Charles Bernstein and Susan Bee
Collected Minimal Poems, by Aram Saroyan

What have you discovered lately?
p. inman, Sean Bonney, Elizabeth-Jane Burnett, Robyn Hitchcock, etc.

Where do you write?
Mostly in my study, but also in libraries and cafés.

What are you working on?
I’m working on some text art and poetry books, and installations. Some of it is due to the collaborative work I’ve been developing with Chris Turnbull and Paul Hawkins.

Have you anything forthcoming?
Yes, I do.
Servant Drone, a full-length poetry collaboration with Paul Hawkins is coming out this November through Knives Forks and Spoons Press.
in cahoots, the follow-up to washing-up (and second part to binder clip series, a minimal poetry/artist’s book project) will be out some time in 2016 through zimZalla and umaestruturaassimsempudorreedições.
michelin, un poisson (capítulo 2), the second part to an ongoing poetry/artist’s book series in Portuguese is also out in 2016 through umaestruturaassimsempudorreedições.
And some other publications in the pipeline.

What would you rather be doing?


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