Wednesday, May 30, 2007

News, Notes, Events

The English-language finalists for the Trillium Book Award for poetry have been announced [amongst them Ottawan Anita Lahey]:

* Ken Babstock for Airstream Land Yacht
* Adam Dickinson for Kingdom, Phylum
* Anita Lahey for Out to Dry in Cape Breton

CBC story on the Trillium nominations here.

Rob Winger launches Muybridge's Horse, published by Nightwood Editions, as part of the Plan 99 Reading Series at the Manx in Ottawa on June 9th at 5pm.

& another screening for Heard of Poets
Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre
Friday, June 1, 2007
Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Centre
984 Wellington St. West. Where Somerset turns into Wellington.

Yesterday 29 May 2007:

Greg Frankson aka Ritallin performed at the Avant-Garde Bar.

& Grant Wilkins had a birthday.


It looks like I just might be starting up a reading series this autumn!

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