Sunday, October 15, 2006

jwcurry read 'The Martyrology' in its entirety in Toronto between 29 September & 1 October 2006

I was at jwcurry's last night. He much informed me about his readings of all of bpNichol's 'The Martyrology' (each book) that occurred in Toronto on the dates noted above. This is one of those events that in retrospect one shd'v panhandled, hitchhiked, cancelled all previous commitments to attend. I'm not going to talk to about what he told me yet: there is the possibility of posting some notes to this blog regarding his Martyrology readings; perhaps I'll be able to relay some of his thoughts about the experience.

Gio (you know Gio dont you?) made a bunch of photographs & plans to post them to his new web site: *hopefully he'll do that soon

Daniel f. Bradley comments, includes a photo at:

Some notes & images:

As an aside, in the book 'See What You Think: Critical Essays for the Next Avant-Garde' David Rosenberg argues that bpNichol was actually a translator of Sumerian cuneiform & that this played a role in the writing of 'The Martyrology'. I've only glanced at the book which was first published in 2002. Now I'm very eager to read it.

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