Friday, October 13, 2006

The Hummingbirds Have Gone South

It was a most excellent Ottawa International Writers Festival. I'd go on about it but there's plenty below. Of note however was the combined launch for the CD 'Hail: Canadian Art Song' & Betty Warrington-Kearsley's book 'Red Lacquered Chopsticks'. I was extremely impressed by the musical performance accompanying the launch for 'Hail: Canadian Art Song'.

There is a spider crawling across my desk. Not sure yet if my grandmother will become the oldest living Canadian or human for that matter, she has a long way to go, she's only 95 you know.... we spent some excellent time together this September. She lives in downtown Huntsville for the cooler months, as soon as spring arrives it's off to the cottage on Sand Lake, which is my natural habitat, weasels, bats, chipmunks, blue jays, red squirrels, hummingbirds all know me by name. There are many other creatures that are less visible. I don’t know their names of course but miss them all terribly. I go to the lake shortly after sundown when the bats emerge: they swoosh around my head, skim the lake's surface.

The New Wolves on my silly blog at

I recently started publishing the Puddle leaflets series under the Griddle Grin imprint. Have you seen the five I've made so far? (There are several more in the works.) On my blog, you'll find info on the Puddle series.

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