Monday, June 01, 2015

We Who Are About To Die : Derek Beaulieu

Dr. Derek Beaulieu is the author or editor of 16 books, the most recent of which are Please, No more poetry: the poetry of derek beaulieu (Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013) and kern (Les Figues press, 2014). He is the publisher of the acclaimed no press and is the visual poetry editor at UBUWeb. Beaulieu has exhibited his work across Canada, the United States and Europe and is an award-winning instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design. He is the 2014-2016 Poet Laureate of Calgary, Canada.

Where are you now?
Right here in calgary.

What are you reading?
Rereading Meiville's KRAKEN at night, Garreta's SPHINX, Bononno's new translation of Mallarme's UN COUP DE DES, lefebvre's THE MISSING PIECES and Tardos and O'Driscoll's new edition of Mac Low's THE COMPLETE LIGHT POEMS … and a stack of other things as usual.

What have you discovered lately?
That bulldogs aren't so bad after all.

Where do you write?
My desk in my kitchen, at my parent's house, at higher ground coffee in calgary…

What are you working on and have you anything forthcoming?
Several projects as Calgary's Poet Laureate, an anthology of calgarian experimental fiction and poetry (co-edited with rob mclennan), a book of essays (forthcoming from If P then Q in manchester), a suite of visual poems…

What would you rather be doing?
There's something better?

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