Sunday, March 02, 2014

Poetry Dispatches from Truck

Ottawa is HQ this March for the nomadic poetry anthology Truck
(at, which travels the information highway bearing new poetry cargoes, dispatched by different guest editors each month. For March 2014, there’s a tandem team behind the wheel, in Ottawa poets Colin Morton and Mary Lee Bragg. No distracted driving, we hope. 
   At the rate of one poet a day, the guest editors expect to see a diverse and personal anthology appear online this month at Truck, and the poems will stay at the site, archived for those of us who like to reread.

     The month’s convoy has begun with poems by Kingston’s Steven Heighton on March 1 and Edmonton’s Jannie Edwards March 2, and by month’s end the joy ride will have taken readers to three continents and delivered trailers full of poetic styles and forms. But followers will notice a solid core of Ottawa poets bringing us transports – beginning Tuesday, March 4, with Pearl Pirie behind the wheel of Truck.

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