Friday, August 22, 2008

NEW: the Naughty Thoughts Book Club

Capital Xtra and After Stonewall present
launching his second novel, Shuck (Arsenal Pulp Press)

The Naughty Thoughts Book Club
where sex and ideas meet

Sun, Sep 28, 3pm.
The Buzz, 374 Bank St.

Daniel Allen Cox is a former Inches cover model, video porn star, and interviewer for the New York Waste. He is the author of the novel Shuck (Arsenal Pulp Press), and lives in Montreal.



"Daniel Allen Cox writes truthfully and elegantly about a New York that I knew very well and that I miss very much. Set in the late 1990s, his novel Shuck describes with great clarity and verve the last gasp of a gritty Manhattan just before the war with the Eskimos, a bygone era that existed before wealth and privilege strangled the sweet life out of street life."
-Bruce LaBruce, director of Otto; or, Up with Dead People

"In his novel Shuck, Daniel Allen Cox gives us Jaeven Marshall, the bastard love-child of Dennis Cooper and Jim Carroll. He's a hustler, self-abuser, wannabe diarist, and aspirant to the dubious title of 'Boy New York'. You'll regret getting to know him, but you'll wish he were in your bed."
-Hal Niedzviecki, author of The Program and Hello, I'm Special

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