Monday, July 28, 2008

Call for Submissions to (Cult)ure magazine for Local Poets and Event Organizers

(Cult)ure magazine seeks submissions from local poets to be published in the magazine’s new poetry section. The magazine is also soliciting submissions from local artists and arts organizations seeking coverage for upcoming events for its new current events column, entitled Shine. The new poetry section and the first Shine column are slated for their inaugural publication in the September 2008 edition.

The new Poetry Editor is Greg “Ritallin” Frankson, a local spoken word artist, creative services consultant and co-founder of the Capital Slam poetry series. (Cult)ure co-founder Brendan Blom is excited about the magazine’s new section. “Creating a poetry section in the magazine adds tremendously to (Cult)ure’s mission,” says Blom. “It is a collection of critical voices that speaks to a cult within our society that is fierce, vibrant, activist and irreverent – many of the qualities this magazine seeks to emulate.”

The Shine column, to be written by Frankson, will focus on upcoming artistic events that normally do not receive a lot of mainstream media coverage. “This is a column I used to write for the (now-defunct) City Journal and it was a success there,” explains Frankson. “It’s clear that there’s a need for this kind of coverage – turning the spotlight on artists and events that deserve a little ‘shine’ but can’t grab the attention of big media.”

All poetry submissions for the September 2008 issue (with the theme of Survival) must be received by August 10, 2008. All styles of poetry are acceptable – print and audio poems are welcome. Artists and organizations hosting events in September 2008 wishing to be the subject for the first instalment of Shine in (Cult)ure magazine must submit their press release and/or press kit by August 1, 2008. Please note that only events taking place during the calendar month of September will be considered for coverage.

(Cult)ure magazine is an online arts and politics magazine that speaks to the different intellectual cults within our society. These cults are small communities of individuals who have an in-depth understanding of their given interests; they are overtly passionate, and driven by their enthusiasm to apply or transmit their message to the city and to the world. Hence, “(Cult)” is placed in brackets. Empowering the multiplicity of identities within our community by giving these co-existing voices an opportunity to represent their unique culture is what makes (Cult)ure magazine so rich in content. It can be found at

For more information, contact:
Greg Frankson
Poetry Editor
(Cult)ure Magazine
(613) 252-1777
greg [at] ritallin [dot] com

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