Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Submit to ImPress

Attention Ottawa poets (or, poets):

ImPress, a small, mostly broadside press (at this point) is seeking new poems for brand spanking new broadsides. The run will be small, about 50 or so, but will be prepared with care, and hand numbered. ImPress will retain a little more than half the run and distribute the remainder as contributor copies. As of now, no payment will be offered. Maybe in the future. Expect copies to be distributed to authors by end of summer 2006.

If you'd like to receive some of your poems printed on lovely paper by ImPress, and displayed at future book fairs and such, please submit to: Alternatively, you can mail your submission (mail is nice): 3783 Boulevard Lasalle, Montreal, H4G 1Z7.

Submissions should generally be no more than one page and should be sent as a WORD or PDF file, unless the poem is straight up (eg. left-margin hugging), in which case you can simply send it in the body of an email.

Eventually, there will be a book or something.

To National Poetry Month!

Wanda O'Connor

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