Friday, December 02, 2016

On Writing #115 : kevin mcpherson eckhoff

On Writing, its Opposites, and Practical Methods for Embracing the Mawkish Thralldom of the Day-to-Day
kevin mcpherson eckhoff


kevin mcpherson eckhoff loves poetry parties and saying “Me me me, me memememe … mmmmm.” Forge and rhapsodomancy are his fault, as are the final issues of dANDelion magazine and Open Letter, guest edited with his bff, Jake “The” Kennedy. Sorry! BookThug published Merz Structure No. 2 Burnt by Children at Play. Check it! Out! Library-style! When kevin’s not teaching at Okanagan College, he hangs out with a Laurel and two kiddos, sometimes cuddling at the Starlight Drive-in during a full moon in July or dipping into Halfway Hotsprings during a light February snowfall. Oh, and you can catch his face as “Tall Security Guard” in the film Tomato Red.

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