Wednesday, April 04, 2018

On Writing #149 : Sennah Yee

On Writing
Sennah Yee 

I recently realized that I only write when I’m trying to avoid writing something else.

I started writing screenplays when I didn’t want to write a play. I started writing poetry when I didn’t want to write screenplays. I started “writing” found poetry when I didn’t want to write my “own” poetry. I started writing prose when I didn’t want to write any poetry. I started tweeting when I didn’t want to write prose. I started combining those tweets into prose poems when I didn’t want to tweet. I started writing academic essays when I didn’t want to write prose poems. I started writing this when I didn’t want to write an academic essay.

In a twisted way, procrastination is how I am productive. I’ve done work that I’m most proud of when I’ve scattered my focus across multiple things at once than when I’ve consciously chosen to commit to writing something – whether a poem, an essay for school, or yes, even a tweet. This way there’s less pressure for something to be perfect, complete, or even coherent. I used to be frustrated by this consistent inconsistence, but now it’s a source of surprise, motivation, and comfort. Though I’m still in envious awe of those who are disciplined enough to set aside time every day to write/work on a specific project! I keep meaning to try that.

Maybe I will try that, after I try to finish this academic essay...

Sennah Yee [photo credit: Alice Liu] is from Toronto. She writes poetry, writes about films, and writes poetry about films. Her debut poetry/non-fiction collection, How Do I Look?, was published by Metatron Press in 2017. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Cinema & Media Studies, focusing her research on gendered robot design in media and technology. She is the arts editor at Shameless Magazine, and co-edits/contributes to The Fuck of the Century. Find her @sennahaha /

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