Wednesday, October 12, 2016

On Writing #109 : Elaine Woo

The Crux
Elaine Woo

In our every thought and act, whether settling an argument or figuring out how to build a planter box, creativity flows.  The creative force gurgles and seeps through the vast living network of connections we call the individual's life.  I foster my writing by actively plumbing the depths at which I am connected to the anticipated, lived through, or remembered.

Elaine Woo navigates the vast reservoir of life with her writing. Another work of poetry as well as a rock opera are underway.


Anna said...

I really like this statement because it acknowledges that creativity is not limited to the arts, though it may find its most intense expression in them, but flows through our every thought, act and word.

Elaine W said...

Very appreciative of your comment, Anna. Thanks much!!!