Monday, September 21, 2015

On Writing #72 : Renee Rodin

The Nub
Renee Rodin

I love writing, it gives me great pleasure.  I hate writing, it’s too painful. Words are like food to me, I need them and am always trying to control them.  No one is forcing me to write and no one is forcing me not to write. So it’s all a matter of choice – whatever that is. And confidence.  Overcoming my shaking and quaking about what others might think. And my expectation of myself. Not getting tangled up in ego or identity.  Just doing it.

Renee Rodin [photo credit: Noah Meyer] was born in Montreal and in the late '60s moved to Vancouver and its wonderful community of writers, artists and activists. This still exists. Her books include Bread and Salt (Talon, 1996), Ready for Freddy (Nomados, 2005) and Subject to Change (Talon, 2010). She is working on new writing.

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