Tuesday, November 27, 2012

bill bissett, Glenn Nuotio & friends - an A B Xmas Party!


A B Series presents its 2nd Annual Xmas Party with bill bissett! 

Featuring a musical set by Glenn Nuotio and friends!

With prizes to be won!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Raw Sugar Café
692 Somerset West
Ottawa, Ont. 

bill bissett's charged readings, which never fail to amaze his audiences, incorporate chanting, sound poetry and singing, the verve of which is matched only by his prolific writing career: over 70 books of bissett's poetry have been published. An energetic "man-child mystic," bill bissett is living proof of William Blake's adage "the spirit of sweet delight can never be defiled." 

Combining chamber music and folk, Glenn Nuotio delivers unnervingly complex pop. As Ottawa Xtra! notes, "he channels it through an indie musician's paper heart and the results are invariably stirring." 

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