Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Writers Festival, Spring 2008

The writers fest was a success by any count with great attendance, and happy crowds from what I could see.

For more posts on the Ottawa Writers festival, beyond what's at this site, there's lots around.

Charles is doing ongoing pictures of authors who came to the festival. JohnW did portraits of people as well, including Gillian Deacon who did a green talk. rob did a roundup on the book club readings.
Vaughn's book at the fest was mentioned.

Here's a look at Alison Pick, Anne Simpson and Writers that Writers Recommend, another set of ears on Poetry Cabaret #4 featuring Anansi authors, MF Moritz, Elise Partridge and Kevin Connolly (and some on his Revolver in the light of hearing him live at the fest), Here's a summary of some of what Don Domanski said, a little bits about the Messagio Galore V sound poetry performance.

There's also non-poetry summaries from the fest of The Writing Life #1 discussions of Maryse Condé, Stan Dragland and Anne Simpson, Dan Gardner's Risk on critical thinking, and Gary Marcus' Kluge book on how the brain works and doesn't and Me Sexy the book by Drew Haydon Taylor at the reading with Kateri Akiwenzi-Damm and a post on Writing Life #2 with Gale Zoë Garnett, Elizabeth Hay and Ahmad Saidullah. Canada's sexiest male poets list included a lot who were at the fest.

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