Sunday, March 09, 2008

Books next?

A little over a week ago, a leak from Heritage Canada showed that they were preparing new guidelines about what was eligible for film production tax credits -- based on whether it was excessively violent, sexual or contrary to government objectives.

The situation was made worse when Canadian Family Action Coalition's Charles McVety took credit for the proposed change and said -- among other things -- that Canadians shouldn't support films with homosexual themes. Conservative MP Dave Batters has said, in an oft-repeated quote to the Heritage committee:

"In my mind, sir, and in the minds of many of my colleagues and many, many Canadians who will be watching today, the purpose of Telefilm is to help facilitate the making of films for mainstream Canadian society, films that Canadians can sit down and watch with their families in living rooms across this great country."


You can read about it here, here or here.

The Globe&Mail - which broke the story - has been following it in the closest detail:

Senate Liberals vow to protect film industry from government bill

Tax-credit crackdown on films puts spotlight on evangelical community

Minister snubs Genies amid film flap

Incidentally, take a minute to write to Heritage Minister Josee Verner to tell her how you feel about C-10:

Others are asking you address your letter to the standing committee on banking, since the provisions are contained in an income tax bill. Their deets:,,,,,,,,,,

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